Tour Watch Dog 2's open-world San Francisco with us!

San Francisco can be your playground in Watch Dogs 2.

Until one year ago today, I lived in the vibrant, beautiful, far-too-expensive San Francisco. My beloved city is also the home of Marcus, the protagonist of Watch Dogs 2, and a perfect playground for an open-world game about technology and hacking and capital-I ISSUES.

I'm looking forward to the game, despite feeling rather cold about its predecessor, precisely because I'd very much like to hang out in virtual SF and do all kinds of things I couldn't do when I lived there. Like ride motorcycles off of cliffs and hack everyone's phones!

Zam video contributor Miguel Concepcion, a Bay Area guy himself, took a tour of the game's San Francisco, on foot, by car, by motorcycle -- and hell, he even swims on Baker Beach! Miguel hit all the hot spots in our video, featuring the rainbow crosswalks of the Castro neighborhood, the twisty hills of Lombard street, even the famed golden Gate Bridge at dawn.

The game appears to really capture the flavor of the city. Not only are the landmarks there, but the vibe of the streets feels right. The team at Ubisoft managed to nail the colors and the weirdly effervescent light that pervades the city. And the hills! Watch Dogs 2 gets my beloved, sorely-missed hills just right, offering something of a challenge to climb and views of the bay and bustle below as a sweet reward for rising up.

Have I mentioned yet that I really miss San Francisco?

So, join us for the prettiest, least pee-smelling tour of the city by the bay you'll ever go on!