Boot up your copy of Ace Attorney 6, there's an all-new story DLC out today

Time traveling brides on trial!

Like its predecessor, Ace Attorney 6: Spirit of Justice is extending the core game through downloadable court cases, the first of which is out today: "Turnabout Time Traveler."

Set after the events of the main game, this case sees defense attorney Phoenix Wright squaring off against long-time rival/husband Miles Edgeworth. Phoenix and Edgeworth's childhood friend, Larry Butz, is once again mired in controversy when it turns out his bride-to-be, Ellen Wyatt, is not who she seems -- she's up on murder charges, for one thing.

Zeppelins, frou frou wedding dresses, and a sci-fi murder mystery? It's everything you could want, except perhaps a talking orca.

"Turnabout Time Traveler" is a full-length court case which should offer about the same play time as one of the core chapters. You can grab it for $5.99 through Ace Attorney 6's in-game menu. And while you're there, consider picking up the two "Asinine Attorney" shorts featuring Phoenix Wright's plucky young protoge, Apollo Justice.

Screens follow below, via Capcom Unity.

He talks tough, but they're going to a magic show together after this.

And from "Asinine Attorney"...

(Just admit that you're dating, Klavier.) (Just admit that you two are dating, Klavier.)