Pikachu can ride on your shoulder in Pokemon Go's new buddy system

But can I wear Onix like a mink stole?

Pokemon Go will soon release a new update (ver 1.7.0 on iOS; ver 0.37 on Android), which introduces the cute new Pokemon buddy system. Intrepid dataminers, however, have discovered a cute little Easter egg in the new feature: you can take Pikachu for a ride.

Under the Pokemon Go companion system, players can select one of their Pokemon as a 'Buddy' which will appear beside them on their player profile and trail behind them on the in-game map. Apart from being adorable, this bonding system also yields Candies to power up your pokes.

This is true for Pikachu as well, but it turns out the developers at Niantic went a bit further with the yellow mascot: after a player has logged 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) with their Pikachu, it will ride on the player's shoulder, just as Ash's Pikachu is seen doing in the anime. Aww!

Pokemon Go's new update is already in the midst of rolling out on the Google Play store and is expected to show up on the App Store as well later today.

(h/t Siliconera.)