Collective Nouns for Pokemon: The List

September 12, 2016 by Jonathan Bolding

We've developed collective nouns for the first 151 Pokemon.

There are, in the English language, a vast variety of venery. Venery are very specific collective nouns for groups of a thing. These words, usually for animals or people, range from the common (A Murder of Crows) to the obscure (A Sounder of Boar) and the whimsical (A Romp of Otters.)

Why do we not have these words for Pokémon?

When one comes across a problem such as this, one is compelled to solve it. My labor is your gain, dear reader. Thus I have compiled these nouns for your use and bemusement - though I have limited my labor to those most well-known of the beasts, the first 151.

So, without further ado.

The List of Collective Nouns for Pokémon, Being A Compilation of Terms of Venery

In Order:

  • A Parade of Pokémon
  1. A Sprouting of Bulbasaur
  2. A Creeping of Ivysaur
  3. A Tropic of Venusaur
  4. An Ember of Charmanders
  5. An Inferno of Charmeleons
  6. A Conflagration of Charizards
  7. A Squad of Squirtle
  8. A Company of Wartortle
  9. A Battery of Blastoise
  10. A Clod of Caterpie
  11. A Meeting of Metapod
  12. A Flutter of Butterfree
  13. A Brood of Weedle
  14. A Cluster of Kakuna
  15. A Swarm of Beedrill
  16. A Clutter of Pidgeys
  17. A Flight of Pidgeotto
  18. An Aerie of Pidgeot
  19. A Nuisance of Rattata
  20. A Bothering of Raticate
  21. A Telling of Spearow
  22. A Murder of Fearow
  23. A Writhing of Ekans
  24. A Pit of Arbok
  25. A Mischief of Pikachus
  26. A Surprise of Raichus
  27. A Dune of Sandshrews
  28. A Scirocco of Sandslashes
  29. A Sistren of Nidoran
  30. A Sorority of Nidorina
  31. A Matriarchy of Nidoqueen
  32. A Brethren of Nidoran
  33. A Fraternity of Nidorino
  34. A Patriarchy of Nidokings
  35. A Circle of Clefairy
  36. A Cuddle of Clefable
  37. A Skulk of Vulpix
  38. A Spirit of Ninetales
  39. A Choir of Jigglypuff
  40. A Melody of Wigglytuff
  41. A Colony of Zubat
  42. An Ambush of Golbat
  43. An Outlandish of Oddishes
  44. A Dribbling of Glooms
  45. A Villainy of Vileplumes
  46. An Infection of Paras
  47. A Plague of Parasects
  48. An Infestation of Venonats
  49. A Paralysis of Venomoths
  50. A Troop of Digletts
  51. A Triplicate of Dugtrios
  52. A Wealth of Meowth
  53. A Pride of Persians
  54. A Headache of Psyducks
  55. An Elegance of Golduck
  56. A Barrel of Mankeys
  57. A Shrewdness of Primeapes
  58. A Glowing of Growlithe
  59. A Blaze of Arcanines
  60. A Puddle of Poliwag
  61. A Plopping of Poliwhirl
  62. A Potency of Poliwrath
  63. A Pledge of Abra
  64. A Turn of Kadabra
  65. A Prestige of Alakazam
  66. A Scuffle of Machop
  67. A Bout of Machoke
  68. A Tournament of Machamp
  69. A Garden of Bellsprout
  70. A Crop of Weepinbell
  71. A Harvest of Victreebel
  72. A Smack of Tentacool
  73. A Terror of Tentacruel
  74. A Pile of Geodude
  75. A Slide of Graveler
  76. A Mountain of Golem
  77. A Pronto of Ponytas
  78. A Rush of Rapidash
  79. A Stirring of Slowpokes
  80. A Delay of Slowbros
  81. An Attraction of Magnemites
  82. A Repulsion of Magnetons
  83. An Absurdity of Farfetch’d
  84. A Wobble of Doduos
  85. A Pecking of Dodrios
  86. A Bob of Seels
  87. A Dancing of Dewgongs
  88. A Dump of Grimers
  89. A Landfill of Muk
  90. A Bed of Shellder
  91. A Pearl of Cloyster
  92. A Shade of Gastly
  93. A Horror of Haunter
  94. A Ghoulishness of Gengar
  95. A Band of Onix
  96. A Sounder of Drowzee
  97. An Enchantment of Hypno
  98. A Consortium of Krabby
  99. A Throne of Kingler
  100. An Instability of Voltorbs
  101. A Charge of Electrodes
  102. A Carton of Exeggcutes
  103. A Confusion of Exeggutor
  104. A Crying of Cubones
  105. A Misery of Marowaks
  106. A Bruce of Hitmonlees
  107. A Jackie of Hitmonchans
  108. A Slobber of Lickitungs
  109. A Cloud of Koffings
  110. A Fog of Weezings
  111. A Crash of Rhyhorns
  112. A Rhumba of Rhydons
  113. A Fortune of Chansey
  114. A Snaggle of Tangela
  115. A Siege of Kangaskhans
  116. A Herd of Horsea
  117. A Tide of Seadra
  118. A Glint of Goldeens
  119. A Shining of Seakings
  120. A Sequence of Staryu
  121. A Constellation of Starmie
  122. A Troupe of Mr. Mimes
  123. A Slashing of Scyther
  124. A Seduction of Jynx
  125. A Humming of Electabuzz
  126. A Flow of Magmar
  127. A Snap of Pinsir
  128. A Stampede of Tauros
  129. A Piteousness of Magikarp
  130. A Wrath of Gyarados
  131. A Pod of Lapras
  132. A Globule of Ditto
  133. A Fluff of Eevee
  134. A Splash of Vaporeon
  135. A Shock of Jolteon
  136. A Burn of Flareon
  137. A Byte of Porygons
  138. A Scuttle of Omanyte
  139. A Wreck of Omastar
  140. An Armory of Kabuto
  141. A Cutting of Kabutops
  142. A Maw of Aerodactyl
  143. A Bed, or Roadblock, of Snorlax / A Solitary Snorlax
  144. A Blizzard of Articuno
  145. A Thundering of Zapdos
  146. An Eruption of Moltres
  147. A Doading of Dratini
  148. A Congregation of Dragonair
  149. An Ascension of Dragonite
  150. A Fury of Mewtwo
  151. A Mystery of Mew