PlayStation 4's 4K, HDR big brother is out this November, for $399

PlayStation 4 Slim also confirmed, will launch later this month.

We just wrapped up Sony's PlayStation Meeting livestream event, in which Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House and chief PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny officially unveiled the next phase of the console's life cycle with two new pieces of hardware: the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

PlayStation 4 Pro

4K resolutions and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging represent the current high end of graphical fidelity in video entertainment. With Xbox positioned to roll out a Scorpio console to also attract the 4K market, Sony has unveiled an aggressively priced, bigger, buffer sibling to the standard PlayStation 4, with upgraded graphics processing, a boosted system clock rate, and a bigger hard drive to offer visuals "truer to the way your eye sees and experiences the world."

The PlayStation 4 Pro is not 4K-exclusive -- it will also support conventional high-definition televisions, as most of us have today. The buffed up hardware specs will ensure that even without a 4K monitor, players using the PS4 Pro will see a marked improvement in graphics. "We call this forward-compatibility," says PS4 architect Mark Cerny.

To better showcase the PS4 Pro's capabilities, Electronic Arts and BioWare have released a new, 4K video for the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, which you can watch below:

An exclusive new 4K Netflix app and other goodies were also teased as part of the unveiling. PlayStation 4 Pro will retail at a competitive $399. It releases November 10th.

'Don't Forget Me!' -- PlayStation 4 Slim

Long-rumored and even leaked into the wild, the subject of its own unboxing videos and thinkpieces, the PS4 Slim was also given an official unveiling today, alongside a release date and a price tag.

The guts of the PS4 Slim are effectively the same as the current PlayStation 4s on the market, just in a smaller form factor. As with other 'slim' consoles we've seen in the past, it cuts a few corners with respect to its casing and peripheral support, but that's an all-but-necessary trade-off in pursuit of a cheaper console. Although considering just $100 more nets you a superior machine, if you don't yet have a PS4 of any stripe (guilty), you might consider just ponying up for the future-proofed version.

The PlayStation 4 Slim goes on sale on September 15th, retailing for $299.